All our meals from the kitchens of Persian Promise look and taste like they've been home-cooked with love and flair for the most sophisticated palettes in the world.

Delivering our food to you

take-away delivery

Take away deliveries

We are just creating our new menu to bring you all of our favourites you love so well and many new dishes to delight your tastebuds for the coming season.

catering functions

Your Own Functions

Whatever your function, weddings, high level corporate events, family events, we'll take care of it.

frozen food deliveries

Coming soon!

Frozen Food
Delivered to you

All of our takeaway menu and more. Frozen to ensure it gets to you as fresh as when it came out of the pan.

pop-up restaurants

Pop-up Restaurants

We bring our foods to the most unlikely places around the area. Places not on the usual list of pop-up venues.

Who We Are

We bring you the smells, tastes and visual spectacle of Persian Cuisine

Nadia's mission is to prepare food in the same way, with the same love and care, as mothers and cooks across all of Persia have done for their families for centuries.

We bring you Nadia's traditional recipes whether you are looking for a hot food take-away delivered to your own home, frozen meals delivered to your door, catering for your function, in your own kitchen or larger outdoor functions, or our favourite way to bring her food experience to you, pop-up kitchens where you least expect them.

Nadia Elmer


Nadia Elmer

Menu Designer

Adrian Elmer


We share our customers concerns surrounding environment, energy and sustainability and are committed to minimising the impact of our business on the planet, continually working hard to ensure that every catering order leaves the smallest footprint.

We believe that we have a responsibility to trade in a sustainable, ethical & environmentally friendly way.


Positive Buying

We are committed to positive buying, always favouring local products which cause minimum harm to the natural environment.


Minimising Food Miles

We operate a sustainable procurement policy, sourcing ingredients locally wherever possible to reduce our food miles as well as support our fellow local businesses.



We use little oil cooking our food but we try to recycle all waste oil, cardboard, cans, paper, glass and plastics as well as composting all green and brown waste. We always provide biodegradeable cartons, vegware plates and cutlery and we serve all of our buffets on re-usable or compostable platters which we request are returned to us to re-use, or for proper compost disposal.



At Persian Promise we only provide Fairtrade tea, coffee, sugar, orange and apple juice, guaranteeing producers a better deal and a stable price.


Free Range

We only use fresh free-range eggs, whilst all of our chicken is British and farm assured, ensuring the highest standards of animal welfare.


One Water

Persian Promise only stock One Water. One Water delivers a truly ethical alternative to other bottle water brands and is changing the lives of thousands of African people. One hundred per cent of One Waters' profits fund PlayPumps � specially crafted children�s roundabouts which pump water from deep underground. So, as children play, fresh clean water is pumped into a storage tank for use by the entire community.


Health & Safety

We ensure that the food we provide is prepared in accordance with current UK Law and and is transported to you under strict temperature controlled conditions. We also continually review the latest recommendations and legislation and have consistently maintained a level 4 Food Standards rating since our inception. We will always ensure that all Health and Safety regulations for outside events are adhered to with precision.

The enjoyment of good food should start the moment you first smell it Nadia Elmer, Proprietor
take-away delivery

Our Food & Events

We are an established and trusted caterer, specialising in Persian Cuisine with a reputation for quality ingredients and high integrity

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